My positive energy this morning is heightened by my view of

the clouds, high and billowy with a strand of sunlight peeking through,

The Lake, a medium blue with wave caps dancing on the surface and

Although it is summer, the wind has a caress of Autumn

Welcome to a new week, always filled with promise right up there with uncertainty

The strong inner me says take the reins, seize the day … be awesome, you’ve got this

The not so strong, also inner me, wavers in the backdraft of repetitive missteps

Either way, perseverance, though postured on the gas and the brake

Reels me forward

Whatever the dream, task or goal, it is attainable when you never give up

Accepting that I’m on a journey to a destination

And the only way to get there is to keep trusting the process

Stay the course whether choppy or calm

I will get there