“Patience is one of the clearest manifestations of God’s grace.” – from the Web

This week our GirlTrek (www.girltrek.org) #PrayerTrek Challenge is to walk and pray, worship and praise focusing on the fruit of the Spirit. Today is Day 4 and the virtue is Patience.  When we think of Patience, we often think of the grace and tolerance we extend outside of ourselves to others. 

All morning, in considering this fruit of the Spirit, I have been thinking about my need to be more patient with myself.

I recently heard a minister speak about how what we develop in ourselves is what we are able to extend to others.  Love, grace, forgiveness, Patience … they must first be developed within us.

I am so hard on myself, literally 24/7, hardly ever letting up, from my waking moment until I fall asleep. Do this, do that; why this, why that; why not this, why not that; why me, why not me?

My prayer today is Lord, mature within me Patience with myself, with the journey You have purposed for me. Help me to see, understand, align with and accept Your will for me and my life.

In everything I give You great thanks.

It is You that makes my way perfect in You.

“Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself.” – St Francis de Sales