“Wherever I am,

Whatever I do,

Everything about me

Is an asset.”

I cannot remember where I heard or read that affirmation, but it has been one (for many years) that I affirm often.

The phrase is so true, ‘you are what you eat’.

It is usually a reference to natural food, however, it applies equally to what is ingested into our spirits and thoughts.

I’ve been listening to Tedx Talks this morning, receiving a flow of positivity, knowledge and inspiration.

Listening to empowering words, uplifting experiences and the possibility of a new reality.

It felt like every cell and organ of my being was being nourished, like inhaling refreshing oxygen into the lungs of my thought processes. It was stimulating. What I heard was nothing new. So much of it: my faith, mentorship, study, and relationships have conferred over the nearly 60 years of my life.

It is funny (in a sad way) how what we know can be buried under the acidity of negative self-perception, the idea of who we are.

Such a state of mind is usually based on comparisons we make of ourselves to others, who we perceive them to be without really having a clue. I look at people, especially strong, successful women I admire, and ask myself do they ever feel like I feel? Because ‘my’ unfounded perception of them is, no.

Emergency brake. This writing isn’t really going in the way I intended.

(Listen to Mel Robbins’ “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over” TEDx Talk on YouTube)

My inspiration for this wordfest is to #1 get back to blogging (activation energy-just do it) and #2 focus on the importance of ingesting good, nourishing inspiration to deactivate viruses that infect our thoughts, conversations and behaviors.

Ingesting good stuff, naturally, mentally, and spiritually will ensure we are well nourished and thriving in our perception of ourselves and of others. The positivity, inspiration and light floods the darkness with the brilliance of hope and possibility.

God has created each of us with value.

What is it that you do well? What are you passionate about? How are you making a difference?

It does not have to be on a grand stage. Whether it is in your home with the family God has blessed you to have, with your circle of friends, in the social sector of your community, or as a philanthropic world leader, it and YOU have value.

Input what nourishes your life and reaffirm it within yourself repeatedly. Let no one despise it, not even you.

Then, at every opportunity, reinforce it by doing, becoming, being the output that adds value to this world.