“Today, we pray for our children. We want good children – not just smart children…

We pray that [parents and families along with] our schools will teach knowledge and virtue.”

My children are all adults who have children, so my prayer is for my grandchildren and for children everywhere.

My children though are educators and mentors who have chosen the life path of developing greatness in young people. I’m so proud of each of them and the individual contributions they make every day. Perhaps the impact is not readily seen,
but I know without a doubt it will flourish.  Even now, as I am at the threshold of my 60th Birthday, I still reflect on teachers who made an indelible impact on my life from grade school through college as well as my mentor and spiritual mothers
who have influenced my life learning. That is why I’m confident that the youth that learn from and experience the educational and social values that my children emulate to their students, they will remember and benefit from throughout their lives.

My grandchildren, however, are living and growing in such a different time than myself and my children.  My prayer is that the values and standards that our family believe and model will shape their lives and that of their children as well. 
So often when I think about all that is happening in the world, I wonder with great concern what society will be like for them.  Who will be the strong compassionate leaders that the world needs for their future? Will family and God-fearing values reemerge
over entertainment and social norms, as the foundation for building a society that offers hope and goodness?

Today, I pray a simple prayer.  Thank you, God, for Who You are … God of the universe. No darkness can eclipse Your Light.

Thank you, God, for my grandchildren, Jordyn, Astrid, Noah, Alaia and Baby. Bless, keep, protect and prosper them with favor and good success.  Bless them with a bright future filled with hope and promise, not fear and dismay.  Bless their parents with the LOVE, wisdom, resources,
virtue and knowledge to raise them to be God-fearing and honorable.  Bless them with competent and compassionate educators, mentors and spiritual leaders to teach them and develop their greatness which You have already destined in them.  I pray (like their
parents) they will grow up in obedience, with high standards and confidence, and to be leaders and examples of excellence.  Moreover, as they grow, I pray they will come to know You, love You, honor You, trust and depend upon You, realizing You are the ultimate
source and Giver of life and every good gift. Until Your return, I pray that the foundation that we have modeled before them will be the faith and truth they stand upon and that will guide their lives.

Even when so much of the world seems dark and gleam, You God, remain the Light of the world, the Hope of humanity and it is You, You are our God from everlasting to everlasting.

In Jesus Name, Amen.