There Is Beauty In My Brokenness … I love this lyric from Vashawn Mitchell’s “JOY”!

My Sister-in-Christ, Tiffany L. Warren, who is a prolific novelist and published author ( has challenged me to get back to writing.

I have stepped away from it because I never want to write from a broken place.  I have been encouraged by several people actually to put the pen to paper or tap out the keystrokes of what is in my heart.  I have heard the whole spiel about
the power of ‘transparency’ and being more relatable through one’s flaws.  I know I need to give myself a break, but someone said, ‘average sucks’, and I agree.

I’ve been on my fitness journey for several years now and although I’ve made great strides, I’m still a contender, not yet a champion. I know there is no real finish line in fitness, it is really about a lifestyle.  So therein lies the
truth of my position in the race, my lifestyle has changed, so maybe I am a champion (conference or divisional

Change is about learning.  My mentor always taught, “Evidence of learning is changed behavior” – Charleyse S. Pratt, Ph.D., and life is certainly about perpetual learning. So as long as I keep striving, continue to learn, make good/better
choices most of the time, I will eventually be content in this journey.

God takes our brokenness and makes us beautiful.

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway