Time, patience and the creative properties of nature create pearls. Pearls represent the best in us.”

Pearls of wisdom must be the value and strength we gain from experiences of life, whether good or not so good.
One of my favorite Oprah Winfrey quotes says, “No experience is ever wasted. Everything has meaning.”
What matters is how we respond and grow from every experience.
When I think of a time of struggle for me, it was a time of transition. A time, I felt of exclusion, non-acceptance, displacement. It was so heavy for me, I felt I could not breathe, I felt a condition of emotional and spiritual atrophy. Prayer and the redeeming love of God restored the life I felt I had lost.  From that experience and others in life, I have grown stronger, wiser, more fulfilled.
Whatever the experience or circumstances, if it is a stumbling block, we must use it as a stepping stone. If it is a hurdle, we must use it as a trajectory. If it is a victory, we must use it as a catapult to blast us to even greater. Learning is a perpetual state of being. Every single day, every single moment must be a teachable one for ourselves and for others. We must teach not only in word or verse but most significantly by model and example. It is true what one does speaks louder than what one says.
If you love me, show me … Love is what love does.
Life lessons become pearls of wisdom that can be spoken but also must be lived out. These gems are personality traits and the values of character that enable an individual to be their best self, it represents the best of who they are.
The representation of one’s truest self always speaks louder than anything they say.
The wisdom we gain through life shapes who we are, “wisdom indeed is the principal thing”. When wisdom is not exercised, it brings about chaos. Therefore we must seek to apply wisdom in all things.
Wisdom does not consider a small measure of anything but it examines all angles and variables to be certain of the best action or response.
Pearls, whether linked or pooled together represent the illustrious rich beauty of who we are and what we are able to give, the best in us.