It has been over thirty years since our Bishop Charles William Watkins (he’s in Heaven now) preached a powerful life-changing series of sermons entitled, The Power to Become”. As I pondered what to write for a breakthrough today, the words of the companion song he wrote came rushing back …

He has given us power to become something more than we are

He has given us power to become something more than we are

He has given us power, He has given us power

To become something more than we are

If you’ve ever been there, you know feeling rejected is hard to overcome.

When time and time again, you feel the same sense of ‘you’re not the one’.

Mustering up the ability to jump in the game again, to try again, to overcome can be like climbing a mountainous terrain.

It is hard. Even when you know you are capable, when you know you’re prepared, when you know you have something to offer.

The vulnerability of being wanted, needed, loved, accepted, valued.

The vulnerability of wanting to do more, be more.

The vulnerability of being crushed pushes you further away, down and out.

You look here, there, everywhere for answers.

Sometimes from others, but mostly from yourself, from within.

But the recognition of rejection seeps through like hot oil over your heart.

     Tears well up in your being, you fight them back,

     Shake it off to survive the moments,

Only to find, the cycle is still spinning and spinning, wringing your esteem so tight and lifeless.

Our Bishop also taught us, you’re not a failure until you stop trying.

So you keep moving, searching, trusting … to become.