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In December 2015, Summer released her book I am Warrior Princess:The Fight for the Life I Want.  This book discusses the tools needed for any woman to be armed and dangerous to fight for the life she wants.  From this moment on, challenge yourself to not just live an average life, but a life of joy,peace, prosperity and overflow in every area of your life.  How many of you have made a strategic( battle) plan for the year yet?  Not a new year’s resolution(s) but a battle plan. A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. A battle plan is defined as a plan for actively doing something. There is a huge difference. One is simply a decision where the other puts the power into your hands and demands action. Its not too late…. this week work on your battle plan of how you plan to fight for the life you want. For more insight, Summer’s book can be purchased online at or on amazon.

Our Warrior Princess Feature for the month of January is Phyllis Lipford. Two years ago, Phyllis embarked on her weight loss journey  when she became fed up with her weight gain and increase in clothes sizes.   She began with a 21 day Daniel Fast where her diet consisted of mainly fruits and vegetables, where she later added seafood. Phyllis soon realized that her diet was only half the battle and  she would need to get off her couch and exercise to see more results. That is when she  incorporated exercise into her lifestyle. Over the span of 2 years, Phyllis has lost over 50 pounds due to her commitment to a healthier lifestyle. She admits that she sometimes struggles with her Starbucks indulgences. However, she acknowledges the importance of balance in her life. Phyllis states, ” The best and most important thing I did was took the first step without seeing the entire staircase”. One of the many things that motivates Phyllis Lipford is “setting and crushing personal goals every step of her journey”. Phyllis recently became a Zumba instructor in  June 2015.  A woman with a huge fight for a better life is why Phyllis Lipford is our Warrior Princess of the Month.

Age 58 -Daughter of The King, Wife, Mother, Grandmother,  BA in Nonprofit Administration from CSU, Administrative Assistant for an international Law Firm for 35 years, Zumba Instructor.

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