A year ago today, I started a fitness/wellness journey which has transformed my life in so many ways. I have blogged about it throughout the year so I don’t feel inspired to write a year-in-review post.

My perspective for this writing is, ‘what now?’

One (among many) of the lessons I have learned is the importance of evolving, growing, and stretching.  So that is my focus on this anniversary date.

I set a lofty weight loss goal of 100 lbs, not understanding what would be required to actually make that happen. I am proud and grateful to God that my weight loss to date is 55.5 lbs and that I now have the understanding to set new goals and strive for what is best for me.

I reflected not long ago about how I actually succeeded this year and the many multidimensional components that were important to the process. Tenacity has to be the most aggressive driving force that has fueled me to this day.  Just staying committed to the grind and enjoying the journey although it was not easy by any means.

Primarily, making a commitment to MYSELF and not willing to break that commitment; Setting a goal(s) and keeping my focus on it; Surrounding myself and connecting with fitness trainers who have invested their expertise, time and support to me, to teach and guide me; Taking off the cloak of intimidation and going for my own goal no matter what I looked like doing it … all of this has been the wind beneath my wings.

God gave me a hero in my husband, Terry D. Lipford, who has been my ultimate support. He is my everything, my God-gift and without him, I don’t work very well. He has sacrificed for me to have and do what I needed to do to reach my goals and he has been and continues to be my champion.

Finally, not to be long here, I want to say Thank You to the Lord of my life. So long I prayed but I know it is not enough to pray about something, you must also take action. Even in taking action though, I could not do what I have done under my own strength.  It was God who gave me the strength of mind, the strength of purpose, the strength of this physical body, even with a torn meniscus and aggressive osteoarthritis in my left knee … it is not by my might, nor by my strength, but by the Spirit of God that undergirds me because He is the foundation of my life.

On this anniversary date, in addition to continuing toward my fitness goals, I am setting a challenge for my spiritual life and the transformation that it shall birth in me … I’m in earnest anticipation.

Fighting for Greater. I will keep you posted.