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Continuing from my previous writing, I knew there was something critically important I was forgetting at the time: EXCUSES!
They surface from our thought patterns to our lips with lightning speed as a crutch for why we cannot be what we need to be or do what we need to do. Excuses exempt us from what we do not want to do. Excuses are empty, some call them cop-outs. My Pastor teaches, ‘excuses are filled with corruption’.  The point is they lead to no where, no success, no progress, nothing. Excuses only limit us and defeat us.
This year I have had to fight past excuses (not always successful), fight past the “I can’t do it”, “I look awkward”, “I’m too thick for Yoga”, “I’m tired”, “I’m the oldest on this floor (in this room)”, “I’m too old”, “No one welcomed me”! Then there is the beast on the floor, someone running past me along my walk, or spinning like the blades of a fan in front of me. Yada, yada, yada.
Excuses are endless, relentless, they link together like a chain to choke the life out of you.
Excuses choke possibility.

Excuses are the pseudo voices that justify why we cannot or will not do (because we don’t want to) what we need to do.
‘Fear of failure’ is so huge. I have written about it before, https://simplyphenomenal.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/quitting-before-you-get-started/
Imagine the rich experiences and opportunities that we miss because we never start, never take the first step or initiative to see if we can succeed. We are no better for it. We just remain in the same stagnation. That surely is not the abundant life.
It is not until we break free of our fears and excuses, that we realize we can succeed enough to stretch and pursue more.
To be more, to do more, to have more, to live more.
Most of our dreams are beyond our reach and require us to risk tripping, falling, failure or rejection to attain them. It is then, ‘in order to succeed, our desire for success must be greater than our fear of failure’. (paraphrasing Bill Cosby)
My wellness/fitness journey has been and continues to be one of overcoming, choosing every day to stay the course, to push through stinking thinking, push, fight, push, fight. Keeping the set goals forefront in my mind, visualizing the finish, and finding a way to get there.
I know excuses will not get me there. My desire for success is greater.