Happy Noah Day! May 30, 2014
The call came the morning of May 29, 2014!
It was a beautiful day, sunny and perfect … In God’s timing.
We arrived at Hillcrest Hospital and our daughter-in-Love was doing good through her contractions and the process began.
I watched my son, a Godly man, anoint the delivery room and everything in it, he prayed the prayer of faith and thanksgiving … I’m so proud of him.
What happy moments of anticipation for the birth of their first child, a son for whom they prayed, and our first grandSON.
As the time grew long, I took a walk down to the cafeteria and gift shop. I found the greatest gift too. I really wanted a Superman soft toy for the “Superman Baby” but found a stuffed bear. He’s not all that cute, I thought, but his bib says, “Handmade by GOD ~ NOAH”. Perfect, right? Then when I got to the register the cashier pushed his paw and the bear prays a prayer for Noah in the voice of the biblical Noah … Perfect, indeed.

noahSMBaby noahbear
Well the day didn’t go as we anticipated. It was exhausting to say the least, especially for the birthing mother and expecting father. Unexpected circumstances prolonged the baby’s birth. BUT GOD! Savior, Keeper, Giver of Life, God.
He IS Faithful in all things. Yes, He Is!!


The morning of May 30 was God’s appointed time for Noah’s arrival at 5:44 AM.
Our grandson was born! Tears of Joy … He is God’s gift, fresh from a Heaven, handmade by God.
How GREAT IS Our God!