His fresh-from-Heaven arrival is close (but not yet).


His due date (guess date I call it) was yesterday.

Everyone, his young parents (this is their first), grandparents (our first grandson), aunts, uncles, loved ones … we’re all so anxious and excited.

Yesterday, my husband snapped a photo of his car seat already nestled in his Dad’s car.

His mother is graciously managing all the texts and FB posts inquiring of his status, are you in labor, is he here yet, what did the doctor say? She just posted, “Keep Calm and wait for Baby Noah.”

It is so close and yet it is his and God’s timing. It will be perfect, the time when he arrives. He will be perfect because he is being fashioned by the sovereign hands of God and he is being delivered fresh from Heaven.

He is already loved in extreme proportions and blessed by a ‘village’ of family and friends who not only love him, but also love God.

So close, any day now, fresh from Heaven.

“For this child, she prayed.”

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