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Today, my Sister taught a lesson entitled, “Dancing In Purple Stilettos” (Psalm 137:1-4). (It is a copyrightable piece-classic. By the way, you should invite her to teach it.) It is an eye-opening lesson about “sister-assisted transformation” taken from the characters and nuances of the book-adapted to film, “The Color Purple”. This is my second time hearing it and I have come away with something different each time.

Her key points, followed by my nuggets.
#1 Change your attitude about your life experiences.
Don’t be bound by your life experiences. Do not give your voice away and do not let anyone take your voice.
#2 Open your mouth.
When you’re wounded, you won’t care or give a second thought about wounding your sister. (Celie told Harpo to beat Sophia … What the world?! Because that was her frame of reference from her own life experiences.)
When there is an infraction or conflict, the way to respond to it is to go to the source …. Sophia went to Celie, spoke of the significance of what she had done and exclaimed her response to it (All my life I had to fight …) That forthright communication changed (transformed) and established a sister-assisted transformation, relationship and understanding. There was no speculation, just a straight-forward meeting of the minds.
#3 Have integrity and do what is right in whatever situation.
(Live out your God identity every day of your life, never compromise who you are) don’t let any life (past or present) experience, man, family, failure, nothing make you lose or devalue your personal worth or your Christ identity.
#4 Forgive unconditionally!
(Learn to accept the apology you never received).
Your sister is not your enemy. Forgiveness is a movement toward the point when offenses no longer have an affect on you.
Don’t let your situation name you or define you.
#5 Laugh out loud! … (I missed the rest)
Some things in life, the tricks and traps of the enemy are so ludicrous, you should just go into a hysterical insane LOL. Release the toxins in your spirit by opening your mouth in praise or a soul cry to God, a wail or unceasing knock that will command His attention and favor … He will answer.
#6 To get delivered, you have to get fed up with being bound up!
When you get delivered, your sister will get delivered too. Someone (maybe a whole ministry or community of people, your family or your household) may be tied to your deliverance. Get delivered! Stay delivered!

Then, ultimately! like Celie on the porch in the final scene, with all the characters with her or in view of her PROMISE, take that Frankenstein walk toward your promise, because what you see, you cannot believe it is finally here, in your view, in your grasp. See your promise!!! Take hold of it. Live in it!
(You’re FREE, do not be bound again!)
Then take your dance with God in your purple stilettos.

Shaving Mister …
My ultimate takeaway was that Shug was running (sacrificing herself for her sister) to save Celie, her sister, (not Mister). When we get to the point where it is more important to protect and love each other than it is to wound, outshine and dismiss each other, WE will be so much more empowered as a collective body to do damage to the kingdoms of this world and to be effective change agents in every setting of our lives.

Presenter: Jo-Ann Lipford Sanders, Ph.D.
Professor, Heidelberg University