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(Linking up with http://lisajobaker.com/five-minute-friday/. The prompt is PAINT)

God gives us a brand new, clean slate, blank canvas on which to PAINT each day of our lives.

New Mercies, new opportunities to live the more abundant life He has already given to us. The paint palate has all the colors of the rainbow and the dark ones too. It is our choice which ones we will choose to highlight, which ones we will appropriately blend to make our lives fulfilling, well, joyful and promising. All the paint colors are necessary to create the most true canvas of our lives, the bright, the mellow, the brilliant, the subtle, the muted, the dark too. They are all elements of the beautiful masterpiece that we we are. Take your brushes and create the artistry of your life so that it is one that firstly pleases God and one that gives you fulfillment (which is not necessarily perfection) with the truth (your life reality) of what is on the canvas.

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Five Minute Friday