Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “WRITER”.
Although I’ve never considered myself a Writer, in the sense of an author, I’ve always been a Writer.
A notetaker, a recorder, a lover of words, thoughts and nuggets on paper. Often I look through drawers and tucked in places where I find notes I’ve written or received from eternities ago. One day, I squashed my fears and started a blog, then I quit. My godniece who blogs at inspired me. When she noticed I had not written anything on the blog for nearly a year, she inquired, “Auntie, what are you doing about your blog?” That pulled me back. She is a real writer, a professional editor, but she encouraged me to write.
Now nearly 90 blog posts later, I’m still at it. It is not as regular or fluid from a place of confidence as I would like, but it holds true to my inspiration … to inspire, motivate and share sage wisdom. I continue to be inspired by lessons from Valorie Burton’s book that proposes one concept of how “Successful Women Think Differently” is to write. Inspired also by Karen L. Gilliam’s book, “Finding Your Voice In A World That Needs It”, that declares everyone has a story, so tell it or write it.
Writing gives me a voice, open expression, and a vehicle to share my heart with a community that I don’t even know. It pushes out what God is saying, share.
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