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I still haven’t gotten into a regular groove of WRITing here. I believe Lisa-Jo expressed it so well in “How to Write and Live Brave”. It is the ‘Fear Factor’.
A minister recently preached a sermon entitled, “Fear Factor”. One key point I took away from it was that fear is produced from our interpretation of what we see, not actually what we see. The point of writing and not having control of who and what is perceived or said is a little unsettling. “It takes courage to become what you really are.” I’m always seeking God’s inspiration for writing here and I want to trust the process. I know when He inspires me to WRITE, it will be a blessing, it will encourage, inspire and motivate my secret followers as well as those who leave a comment from time to time. I know WRITing is a therapeutic tool that enables me to get out what God has put inside of my heart and mind, to share my experiences, and to pour out my life-learned wisdom. That is part of my fear too, that even though my WRITing is not scholarly, it still matters, I still have something of value to say, I still have a voice. Even when I have no idea how small or great my community, I still have a story. Everyone has a story and the chapters and pages of our lives, when well lived, when God-breathed, can bless others. So we must tell our stories, we must WRITE.
“When God gives you a gift, it is an investment that He knows you are capable to work, to accomplish.” — “Fear Factor” (Matthew 25:14-30)
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