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My Daughter-in-Love-to-Be bought me this beautiful book for Christmas, “Devotions for the Beach”. I love it. All of the devotions relate somehow to the beach which I love (Victoria knows that).
The devotion I read last night gripped me with its crystal clear analogy of seagulls and insecurities.
I could see the visual because it happened to me a couple summers ago at Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor.
I didn’t intentionally feed the seagulls, but I think a crumb dropped from my bag, I can’t recall.
Somehow though there was food, a speck, in front of me and then they started to descend from no where and squeal.
What the writer was saying in the devotion is that insecurities are like seagulls.
When you feed them they crowd you and follow you.
Specifically, she writes, “Insecurities are like seagulls. In a way, they identify where you are in your spiritual journey, and they reinforce your humanity.” When you entertain them, they grow and when you try to run from them, they follow … just like seagulls. Don’t feed them, the seagulls nor your insecurities.
I know this is true, I can relate so well because my insecurities bound me to my sofa for so many years of my adult life. How liberating it was to finally be free of all the craziness in my mind and emotions, to finally say this is it, I’m going to live. Thankful for that day and every Word that God sent to empower me and build me up to the place where I am now, not totally free from the seagulls of my emotions, but more aware. When my insecurities descend upon me, I have more fight in me now and I don’t blame it on someone else or some other thing, I take hold of it and give proper place to it so that those seagulls do not bind me.
The promises of the Lord are sure. We can trust Him to deliver us because He Is a Deliverer.
My friend, He can transform your life but it takes real desire and real surrender.
Don’t miss your God-moment with Him. *Q