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See, God can help you do anything.

This week I began the Daniel Fast and I’m seeing that I can do something I thought I never could do.
Breaking from some very gripping unhealthy eating habits and focusing on the strength of God to help me overcome them.
It is the sixth day and I know I have a ways to go and I wonder will I make it and if I do, what then.

My Pastor has been preaching about illumination and the DF Devotions have been teaching about revelation … it is all about seeing.
Seeing the Spirit of God, the capability of God, the revelation of God in every area of our lives, including this relationship I have with food.
I want this experience to be so transforming that I never see the old again, but only behold in my mind’s eye the new.
Seeing me, renewed in my mind with the will to choose the better way for my health and for my life.
I’m thankful for this opportunity to experience something very different, to see that I can change and that God’s grace is holding me and guiding me in a beautiful way.

Whatever you’re trusting God for, see His goodness and grace to carry you through.

Lyrics of a beautiful praise comes to my mind …
I believe on You Lord
I believe in Your Word
To see Your goodness in my life
In my life, I see Jesus

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