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I’m not a fighter. Not in the sense of fist punches, not at all.
I don’t like confrontation. I steer clear of it as much as humanly possible.
I remember being in two fights in my life, one as a young girl and the other as a teen. One I lost badly and one I won (I think) … probably not.
But in this faith-walk with Christ we have to fight. The adversary of our souls continuously taunts us and instigates confrontation, debate, and quarrel.
I’ve been in this fight with my weight and eating for thirty plus years now. It is crazy! What I realize is that it is a spiritual battle, a fight to face the root of compulsive habits and to overcome them. I fight the fear of failure with mind games and excuses always losing. Like Paul, it is a war in my members … the thing I would do, I find not.
I was reminded this week of one fitness coach saying to me, ‘overeating is a sign of immaturity’. Also, of one of my sisters-in-Christ sharing with me that in her fight she asked herself, ‘So you’re going to be defeated by food?!’ She declared she would not. These reminders help to frame all my crazy thoughts … it is a spiritual fight of discipline. And like every other thing I believe God for and trust into His hands, I too have to trust Him for this.
He promises to fight for me if I give Him the battle.
I won’t be defeated. I’ve got to win.

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