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It was Sunday morning, the culminating service of a dynamic Women’s Conference that I attended in October.

The speaker prefaced her sermon by stating wherever she is and for whatever reason on a Sunday morning, she does not preach the theme of the event, but she preaches Jesus. She continued, ‘because there are people who attend church on Sunday who may never hear about Jesus’. I was so stricken by the reality, veracity and significance of her decision and commitment to preach only Jesus.  As she moved into her message with the passion and conviction of the Holy Ghost, preaching Jesus, the Holy Ghost began to fall, the anointing of God filled the Temple, you could feel yokes being destroyed, you could see Him drawing men, women, boys and girls to Him, you could not deny Jesus, He was in the room. His presence had been ushered in by the conviction of this woman that came from a truth that she lived and was able to powerfully transfer to those who heard her. It was  a phenomenal encounter to witness.

The atmosphere was so conducive for Jesus to come in, for the weight of His Glory to move, to work His purpose, to restore the young single mother, to put rejoicing in the heart and feet of the elderly mother, to the anoint the hands and voices of the minstrels, to release the tears of those who were reserved in their own anger or fear, to show Himself strong and real to the doubters, to save the lost, to transform the young man and to strengthen the old man, and to leave us all with an awe of only Him, only Jesus.

It happens every time, every time … I’ve witnessed it time and time again.  The visitation that comes when we lift up Jesus, when we present Him as the Sovereign One that He Is.  It is just the natural course of things. When our hearts are focused on Him, He inhabits every space, the physical space of a room and the human space of a heart and soul.  Oh, there’s no denying His presence, when He Is in the room. No man can stand in His presence, His intangibleness becomes tangible … He touches you and you touch Him.

He fluidly fills every space of your being with the glory of His essence. Can you feel Him?

I give you Jesus.