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John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.”
From time to time when I think about all the things that people go through, the challenges they fight, how the victory and abundant life Christ died for us to live, how that life eludes many of us a lot of the time, I wonder how much greater our success would be in our walk of faith if we preached and taught more about Jesus and less about ourselves.
I remember Pastor Donnell Lipford used to instruct all the time, don’t preach or teach your philosophy, preach and teach Jesus, preach and teach the Word of God. People really need The Lord. There is just no hope without Jesus (as Pastor Brantley preached today).
When the storms of life toss my life around, it is Jesus that I search for and need. The Word I need is that He is my comfort, strength, and deliverance; that He is my Savior, that He is real, and of all the things, and the wonder that HE IS. The Light, the Door, the Way, the Truth. I need a vertical Word that comes from His throne, exalts Him, that personifies and makes Him real in my life every single day. The weightiness and substance of His Truth is what really sustains us in a world that is lawless, and Godless.
The movie quote from Field of Dreams … “build it, they will come” is one we can revise to ‘give them Jesus and they will be stronger, wiser, and healthier, in mind, body and spirit’ … He said it, lift Me up and I will draw them.
I just believe it, because I believe in Him, I believe He is the essential key to our survival and ultimately to our eternal existence with Him. That’s what we’re living for, right. To live again.