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… makes my pride overflow into roaring waves and fills my heart with Joy.
She filled a longing in my life when God gave her to me and ever since she has been a cherished treasure.

When she was just three (1987) I wrote this little poem about her …

Little Night Wonderer
Camie Joy, you’re so funny
When night falls and
Bedtime rolls around
You resound, “I can’t sleep”
Never settling yourself to the idea of bedtime
You wonder from room to room
Playing with your LEGO blocks or puzzle cards
Just waiting for your Daddy to come in
Then with the turn of his key in the door
Your little feet thump the floor
A second resound, “Daddy, I can’t sleep”
‘Til you’re tucked in bed
Comforted by your Daddy being near
Finally you give in to sleep
Good night, my little wonderer,
I love you!

It’s interesting that one of her favorite quotes is …
“… not all those who wander are lost …” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Camie, your life has taken you across several paths to becoming who you are today.
A woman of intellect, strength and courage. An accomplished educator, administrator and mentor.
A beautiful wife, mother, aunt, cousin, sister and friend.
I’ve always admired your loyalty as a friend to your dearest friends.
You’re my friend too, one I can trust with my heart.
You’re my champion too.
Best of all though, you’re my daughter … my Joy!
I love you!

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