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” … Sir, we would see Jesus.” ~ John 21:12

Pondering …

I still believe in my heart and with every fiber of conviction in my being that Jesus unequivocally is the answer for everything we face in this earthly life.
For every screaming siren, blazing crisis, devastating trauma, hopelessness and despair … Christ is our hope. When our tears become our meat and our questions are met with deafening silence, Christ is our hope.
Whatever we give to the world, we must give them the hope that is in Christ. We must never take Him out of the equation. He is our infinity. Without Him, there is no way of coping with the devices and attacks of satan or the social ills that plague our human existence.
I still believe in my heart, an exalted Christ, the Christos of God, the Anointed One, the Savior, Jesus our God is the hope of Glory, the hope of the world, the hope of my life and yours.
I proclaim Christ to the world. New birth in Him, a right relationship with Him, void of rhetoric and vain philosophy, rebellion and self-will, just genuine, trusting, confident child-like faith in Him, His Word and His Truth. In such an abiding relationship we are set on the right course for victorious living, with overcoming power and conquering faith that strengthens our stamina to withstand the winds that assail our lives . Even when our aspirations, dreams, and expectations are dashed to the ground and shattered into a trillion granulated crystals, Jesus still is the answer.
So listen … Don’t cast away your confidence, don’t be dismayed, don’t surrender, don’t give up. Hold fast to God (Lord, to whom shall we go?), He is our hope. Proclaim Him and give Him to the world that they too may find this everlasting hope … I declare Jesus still is and forever will be the answer.

I know you’ve got mountains,
That you think you cannot climb,
I know your skies are dark,
You think the sun won’t shine,
But in case you don’t know,
That the word of God is true,
Everything He’s promised,
He will do it for you.
“Jesus Is The Answer” ~ Andre Crouch