RHYTHM, an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and Silence …

 “Silence more musical than any song.” ~ Christina Georgina Rossetti
I was glad to discover the word Silence in the definition of RHYTHM.  As I considered the prompt and staying true to what I like to share here, I kept thinking about the RHYTHM of Silence.
The Silence in our lives is drowned out by so much noise:  environmmental, physical, emotional, technological, volumes of signals from everywhere pulsating and reverberating in every space of our lives.  You can’t turn it off, you just have to steal away.
I love, what I call my down days, when my Love has rehearsal or an evening meeting and I can come home to Silence.  I shed the world of the day and just listen to the RHYTHM of the Silence.  The strong and weak elements of restorative peace, ‘me time’ some call it. We need that type of RHYTHM in our lives and we must seek to carve out those necessary moments. 
When we’re overloaded with the cares and responsibilities of life, commitments and obligations to others, the RHYTHM of Silence is where we find retreat and renewal from all the noise.  Don’t be afraid to steal away alone in your secret place, for a walk, to sit along a shoreline, browsing among beautiful things, taking a drive to nowhere particular with no scheduled time to be there, or time in simple meditation with God and His Word.
” … commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.”  (Psalm 4:4)
The RHYTHM of the Silence, ordered, recurrent, flowing, relaxing, healing, restoring, cleansing, renewing.

5-minute-friday-1[2]Today I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday and writing on the prompt given by Lisa-Jo Baker. This week’s word is RHYTHM.