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LISTEN to the song here in my heart …
Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned into your own
All ’cause you won’t LISTEN
Oh, now I’m done believing you
You don’t know what I’m feeling
I’m more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I’ve gotta find my own

Lyrics excerpted from Listen (from movie Dreamgirls) by Beyonce Knowles

Those liberating, decisive moments … I live for them, every one.
Those ‘walking away’ moments like Andy Sachs in Devil Wears Prada. Those ‘Defying Gravity’-declarative moments “… I’m through accepting limits ‘cause someone else says they’re so.” Those Effie White ‘I’m gonna win’ moments and this Deena moment … “the time has come for my dreams to be heard” and I won’t be denied “cause you won’t LISTEN”.

How often do you find everything in you crying out, like the silent scream no one hears, no one is listening. Everyone consumed with themselves, their own being, their own-ness. You seek acceptance, validation, belonging, but no one hears, no one is listening. You do the thing (whatever it is), play the game, dance the dance, endure the struggle, but no one hears, no one is listening. You live the nightmare, sacrifice, build up and bless others, pour out and into others, but no one hears, no one is listening. What about who you are? Like Deena, what about your dreams? What about your thoughts, your voice? What about what you want to do or be? No one hears, no one is listening.

Except God!
Our Father, our Savior!
He hears and He listens.


Stop. Be very still. Close your eyes. Open your heart. LISTEN.
Do you hear Him? Jesus? He’s LISTENing.


5-minute-friday-1[2]Today I’m linking up with the Five Minute Friday and writing on the prompt given by Lisa-Jo Baker. This week’s word is LISTEN.