It didn’t come easy to me how to approach this prompt.  The only thing I’ve been writing about lately is Nonprofit Fundraising Plans and Statistics to finish my first semester of Grad School which I would say takes bravery on some level.
After reading some other posts, however, it dawned on me what real bravery must be  …
BRAVE: Ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
This week three young women, one with her young child, escaped ten years of horrific captivity … right here in the city of Cleveland where I live.
From the darkest darkness of fear, degradation,  and bondage, at the hands of an obviously disturbed monster; from the depth of loss, violation, trauma, and rage; from the hopeless despair of separation from family, society, life! From all that incarceration of evil arose a life-altering moment of BRAVE.
I know it was from God.
There is no other explanation.
The God-breathed, God-awakening, God-inspired, God-force BRAVE cried out, I’m here, I need help, get me out of this house!
BRAVE broke the bondage, destroyed the yoke, set the captives free.

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