[S]he that dwelleth in the secret place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God.
Here, in the secret place, there is safety, there is comfort, there is peace.
Here, with Him and in Him, there is an assurance, there is a security.
There is not a care because here, He consumes all space and His aura overshadows me. My heart and mind are lost in Him. Here, in His presence, abiding here in the secret place with Him, I never want to leave, I never want to let go of Him, I hold fast to Him, I cling to Him.  My heart empties these tears for Him, these warm tears of joy, appreciation, and adoration stain my face here in this secret place with just Him.
Here the world is shut out, all pain and worry subsides, every wild racing thought of doubt, fear and unbelief comes to a screeching halt and there is peace and calm, here in this secret place.  Here, under the shadow of His Almighty-ness, there is healing, there is hope, there is promise.
Here, in the dwelling.
Here, in the secret place.
Here, in the abiding.
Here, in Him.