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When I saw the prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday, the rolodex of my mind began to spin through seeking inspiration for how to approach this “Ordinary”.
I immediately thought nothing is Ordinary with God because He and everything about Him is Extraordinary. It reminded me that a year or so ago the employee recognition theme on my job was “Be Extraordinary”. Somehow, certainly by the favor of God, I received “Be Extraordinary” recognition for my job performance in completing a task. I was shocked as I didn’t expect or anticipate it but was so honored for the recognition and the distinction.

Back to the present …
After coming off the high of a long and much anticipate spiritual retreat this past weekend, I’ve been struggling with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. I had a presentation due this week and I struggled in a literal cerebral fog every day in preparation for it, trying to complete the assignment, pull it together, make it more than Ordinary. It seemed to be a simple enough assignment, but in a very strange unordinary way, my confidence and cognition kept eluding me. It has just been one of those weeks.
The flood waters of these emotions which I perviously have been able to control have overflowed their banks and wrecked my equillibrium this week and I’m still a little off kilter (also fighting a cold), but this Ordinary reminded me of a song:

Just ordinary people
God uses ordinary people
He chooses people just like me and you
Who are willing to do as He commands
God uses people that will give Him all
No matter how small your all may seem to you
Because little becomes much
As you place it in the Masters hand
Oh, just like that little lad
Who gave Jesus all he had
How the multitude was fed
With a fish and loaves of bread
What have may not seem much
But when you yield it to the touch
Of the the Master’s loving hand
Then you will understand how
Your life could never be the same

These lyrics of this beautiful melody awakens in me the assurance that whatever I am, whatever I do is made Extraordinary when I place it and ME in my Master’s hand.

Artist: Lester Kerns