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CHERISHED are the moments, reflections of my life from the perspective I have now, in this season of maturity when I have a healthier sense of self and just out of pure growth.  All of which came out of an encounter of yielding and surrender to God and a genuine God-moment of healing and renewal. A profoundly liberating experience with God that I will forever cherish and never forget.

CHERISHED more than anything in my life is my family. God blessed my life so richly with a husband and partner for life who loves Him and therefore loves me in the way God has purposed. CHERISHED are my children, my heritage from God, my two sons and one daughter who are the anchors that hold my life … my best things.  CHERISHED are my granddaughters, good and perfect gifts from above who have enriched our lives more than we knew could be. CHERISHED are my daughters-in-love and son-in-love, my family and extended family that fill my life with more love.


CHERISHED is my heritage in God. In a time when spiritual values are debated, compromised, abused, diminished, misinterpreted, watered down, and modernized … CHERISHED is the time etched in my heart, spirit and soul of when I first received Christ and the teaching I received of Him, the exampleship I observed of Him in my spiritual fathers, mothers, and mentors. CHERISHED is my relationship with Him. CHERISHED is my hope in Him. CHERISHED is His promise and plan for me, of hope and a future.  CHERISHED is a mature faith that has grown out of adversity, disappointment, and loss, but also through self discovery, fulfillment, God’s faithfulness, His Word, and His unconditional, unchanging love that never lets go of me. CHERISHED is my life in God.


CHERISHED are the learning moments of my life. Every one that I reflect upon and know that God loved me so much … when He created me, gave me life, saved me with the infilling of His Spirit, taught me, protected me, covered me, made a way for me, touched me, prayed for me, dreamed of me, thought of me … they are innumerable.

CHERISHED treasures for a lifetime.