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“It’s a beautiful thing, diving into the cool crisp water and then just sort of being able to pull your body through the water and the water opening up for you.” ~ Dawn Fraser (Australian Olympic Diver)
I’m four days late and it is late in the evening. I’ve been thinking about it subconsciously the past several days and it dawned on me today, I’ve been thinking too much (which I do a lot).  So I decided I needed to just dive into it and get it done. Don’t overthink it, don’t research it, just kick it out in the five minutes allotted.
Me at Paradise Cove, a secluded beach on the west shore of O’ahu, Hawaii.
(30th Wedding Anniversary, July 2008)
As much as I love the ocean, I’m not a swimmer, so this prompt was an immediate challenge. Inspiration? Search the scriptures, search Google and Wiki.
I found these two beautiful quotes (opening and ending) that I love and thought they would be good anchors for something in between.
Diving, from a spectator point of view looks really dangerous, but I’ve read that divers approach their sport with flawless skill and know-how.  They are skilled swimmers who execute their craft with precision, grace, power and beauty.  Their form is a visual of strength and control.
These characteristics can be applied to our faith walk.  Much of what we do by faith is a dive into the hoped for and the things unseen.  God admonishes us throughout His Word … Be not fearful, but believing. Walk by faith. Relinquish doubts.
He promises to carry us, to sustain us by His power. So as we take our dives of faith, like the Olympians, we must be confident in His ability and His faithfulness.
PHOTO SOURCE: Google Images/flickr.com
“So, come first to Me. Yea, come until the stream of thy life is swallowed up in the ocean of My fulness. Then shalt thou go, and thou shalt give, and in thy giving thou shalt never know lack.”(Excerpted from “Come Away My Beloved”)