So last week I decided to check out Stonetown, the new restaurant venture of Soul Republic United Restaurants located at 668 Euclid Ave (the entrance is on Prospect Avenue), Cleveland, Ohio 44114. Offering Cajun & Creole-Soul Food and Late Night dining in the Gateway District.

First, I have to confess I didn’t know this group existed as such and is the owners of


Stonetown recently opened in December 2012. I decided to order carry-out for dinner.

After placing my order, asking how to get into the restaurant knowing it was at the 668 Residences, and about parking and access, I ventured over to pick up my order.

Fortunately, I was able to pull right behind a truck parked in front of the restaurant (on Prospect) without having to park in the garage adjacent to it for which Stonetown would validate my ticket for a minimal rate of $1.50. The only other parking options, as with all downtown venues, is metered or area surface lots.

Ruunning in quickly (my order was bagged and ready which was very convenient), I glanced around at the space which is nice, contemporary I would say, there is a nice stone fireplace wall which I immediately thought, oh that must be representative of the name, Stonetown.  It was early evening and the restaurant was empty.  The hours are 5 pm to Midnight.  It did look like a party was expected as seating was set up for a group. From what I could see, it is a nice space and aside from the parking issue, I plan to go back to dine in.

Now for the grub. I texted a friend for suggestions on what to order, but didn’t get a reply right away.

I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Yard Bird (Chicken) & Red Velvet Waffles (medallions) with Low Country Gritz; the Center Cut Pork Chops with side of House Rice; an adidtional side of Fried Cabbage; and the Catfish Fingers appetizer.


Give it, carry-out is not the same quality as dine-in, you naturally lose something in the process of taking it home, reheating it, etc. So all in all the food was okay, but not great, raving, to write home about. EXCEPT! the Low Country Gritz, buttery, southern goodness, thick, creamy, delicious. The Catfish Fingers were good too. My other items were okay. The Fried Cabbage which I anticipated to be, well you know, it wasn’t. It is a red cabbage version. My husband said the pork chops were okay too, the rice: just a white rice with peas and carrots, not seasoned at all.

So, Stonetown is not your typical, hole-in-the-wall, soul food restaurant (they have sweet potatoe fries, but no yams)  It’s soul fusion and I haven’t interviewed the Chef or found much information other than what the group does at Zanzibar (Shaker Square), but clearly it is to do the menu items we’ve come to know and love with a bit of an upscale fusion twist.

I hope you will check it out for yourself, I recommend dining in.

I wish SRUR much success as they endeavor to establish a presence in the culture of the Gateway.