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Happy Birthday to me!
J Alexander’s is one of my favorite restaurants. So I decided to enjoy my birthday dinner here tonight. It is buzzing with holiday cheer in here, big parties of ‘shirts’ (corporates), families, lovers and friends breaking bread. bdjaalex For me J Alex never disappoints. My server recommended the Carolina Crab Cakes, I’m glad I followed her lead. They are succulently delicious, giving a whole new meaning to ‘lump’ crab. “Coastal recipe. Jumbo lump crab meat, chili mayonnaise and Dijon mustard sauce to cut the spice. I also love J Alex’ Kumato Tomatoes, so I chose those as a side. Sliced half, drizzled with olive oil and garnished with Kosher salt and fresh black pepper … they are vibrant, fresh and sooooo delicious.



I think I hear Charlie Brown’s Christmas over the noise of the bar crowd and nearby conversation. I must pull out my CD when I get home.

Then the most awesome thing happened. I’m dining alone because well I had a huge celebration, two as a matter of fact, over the weekend and my family are all committed to work or ministry this evening.

It turns out the ladies at the table across from me were also celebrating a birthday. When my server brought my Carrot Cake with a single candle, they offered to come over and sing Happy Birthday to their friend, Kathy, and me … How cool and amiable is that? Tara my server was so sweet too, she said, “I love birthdays, I want to make sure everyone has a happy birthday.”



God is always pouring His love out. I’m smiling down deep to my bones.