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Flow to you, Flow to you. Let the river of my worship flow to you. Lord, I pray in all I do. Let the river of my worship, flow to you Lord. Like streams in the valley, they swell with the rain. Let the songs of my heart, let them rise to bless your name & Flow to you, Flow to you, Lord let my worship flow to You.

This worship anthem has been an earworm in my spirit for several weeks. I reflect upon the worship moment. We were in a Worship Service designed for souls to come to Christ, to receive His Spirit. After our Pastor imparted the Word of God, souls seeking God came to the altar, others along with myself on one accord as in that ancient upper room, began to cry out to God, travailing for the birth of souls. The song leaders began the worship … Flow to You.


I was enraptured in the worship, it was pure, reverent, and expecting. It was a place of habitation for God to come in and dwell for a while … it was a secret place dwelling. It was a place, an encounter of surrender to the holiness of my loving Father, my inner most being yearning for Him ~ Jesus, for His touch, for His visitation, for His abiding presence. A glory cloud filled the Temple, souls began to receive Him, their souls uttered His heavenly language, the evidence of His presence, of His essence filled them and me.

Lord, let my worship flow to You. Like the precious ointment upon the head, that runs down upon the garments, let my worship touch You.