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“Two great things you can give your children: one is roots, the other is wings.” ~ Hodding Carter

I’ve loved this quote for years.

Roots are the source of life and growth.  For my children, it was my earnest desire and purpose for them to have good roots, sown into good ground, that they would have a good foundation.  A foundation of faith, one that instilled in them a love for God, a love for the things of God, and a love for God’s people.  So much of life is based on a good, solid foundation of faith, family and personal values. Such a foundation or root system carries you through life and enables you to live your best life.
This Michael Jordan poster hung on my sons’ bedroom wall for most of their teen years.  They loved it because it was MJ, I loved the message.  I believe the quote, roots give wings.  What we teach and instill in our children as a foundation gives them the wings to fly, to overcome adversity, to navigate challenges, to succeed, and to know what type of life they want for themselves and to not be afraid to seek that life.
Roots are the foundation for life and growth.  With a good root system, you can develop wings to fly.