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Those dormant recesses of our being that erupt from time to time when we least expect.  The erupting molten lava of past offenses; the saturating flood plains of acts of indifference and deafening silence of exclusion and inadequacies. They shake us to the core.  Out of nowhere they come rushing in, unearthing enclaves of vulnerability.  You wonder, what is this about? Where did this come from? These feelings and thoughts that come as a reminder that underneath the strength of our faith and complete dependence upon His (Jesus our Lord) might, is the frailty of our humanity.

It is in these moments that we have to reevaluate and reassess the framework of our faith.  Moments of self-realization and reflection that call us back to Him.  Moments when His voice whispers and His presence summons us to the secret place where we must look in His face, yield our self-sufficiency, surrender our hearts, and utter the confession, “God, I am nothing without You, I desperately need You”.

At that moment, He receives, replenishes, and reassures our hearts.  Our strength and perspective is renewed and refocused.  At that moment, a moment with Him, we refill, rebuild, refortify the enclaves of vulnerability and regain our equilibrium. Shored up with His resilience, the eruptions of our human structure are quieted and stabilized.  We regroup, our confidence is repositioned, our purpose is realigned, and our faith is replenished. *Q

(PHOTO SOURCE: …  a woman who like so many has worn her heart on her sleeve … Yet in the spirit of resilience embodied by most women, she forgives, she heals and allows her heart to be vulnerable …  (www.jasonobriengallery.com))