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Inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker Five-Minute Friday where you’re challenged to write freely for five minutes on a topic she posts every Friday, here goes …

Several things came to mind when I saw the word, Welcome.
The first is how welcoming a hug is. I love when people reach out to you, stop, and say, “I’m a hugger.” I respond, “I am too.” An embrace is so welcoming especially in a place where you’ve never been before or with people you’ve never met before.
Secondly, I was reminded of a recent occasion to visit a place where I knew people, but was not in physical contact with them on a regular basis. I found it interesting, and somewhat disheartening at the same time that no one really reached out to me to really make me feel welcome. I found myself finding my own way, which was fine, because I’m independent that way. Before my time there ended, however, someone did reach out to me in a very welcoming way.
I also thought of our “Welcome” time at church each Sunday. It has become such an event all its own … From the “Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you.” to “I really love You, because You first loved me, I really love You, yes I do. #