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Image            If I can and I do observe and ‘obey’ standards in the work place, institutions of learning, residential communities, entertainment venues, and for special occasions … Why not in the House of God?  Standards are expectations of distinction, cultural norms that distinguishes a higher state of existence from a lower one.  Standards are a distinction of reverence and respect. They are principles of “recognized excellence or established authority”. 

            As a leader, I certainly must uphold and exemplify a higher standard as an example to those who follow and need a positive image of excellence to model as they learn and GROW. It amazes me how the House of God has become a place where standards are challenged, put to debate, and elasticized to a ‘do your best’ code of conduct. “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.”—Winston Churchill 

            The Jewish faith upholds its standards AND traditions: its distinction. The Muslim faith upholds its standards AND traditions: its distinction.  What has happened to the Holiness Apostolic Pentecostal Sanctified distinction?! 

            Why is this distinction so important? 

            God has commissioned us to go into all the world to compel men, women, boys and girls to be saved.  When people come into Christ and the Church, they are looking for new answers, a new way of living, new hope. If when they come, they only see and hear what they have always seen and heard, they become confused in their expectations.  People need to be taught, inspired and motivated to change (transformation), be different, and be better.  The Word of God also compels us to be IN Christ and to PUT ON Christ.  We must wear Christ and holiness as a well fitted garment without spot, wrinkle, blemish, or any such thing. 

            Standards AND traditions are guideposts, bench marks, preservation measures, they are necessary … not to hold people bound, but to teach the way of Christ and holiness.  Without them all we have is modernism and rebellion.  The Church must choose the more excellent way in the workplace, learning institutions, communities and wherever we exist, in behavior and conversation as well AND definitely in the House of our God. 

            Pondering some profound, theological, practical, easily digestible response to ‘How’ do we get back to our distinction? I keep coming up with JESUS … get back to Him, His Word in its purest sense, His teachings. Abandon the philosophies of men, the rhetoric of the world [people] who know not God, the bombardment of penetrating images of self-gratification, and get back to Jesus! #sagewisdom *Q