Thomas Carlyle said, “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”
Accomplishment is a great motivator too.  On May 31 I noticed a post from one of my FB friends who is also a Fitness Instructor challenging her friends to do a 30-Day Water Challenge (drink only water, no other beverage).  I had heard of this challenge before (my god-niece, Katrice Mines of www.myvicariouslyfe.com  had done it) but this time something clicked with me.
After contemplating several insignificant reasons not to do the challenge: the first day was June 1, a Friday, the beginning of the weekend, who starts a deprivation effort on the weekend?! Then it is June, Summer!, special occasions, fun times, celebrations. For some reason, none of it mattered, I felt a pull. I put the challenge to my FB friends and several of them said they would join me.
(JeTaun Brown, Marja Freeman, Marie Rucker, Tameka McKinney … Thanks, my Sisters, LOVE YOU!)
That was it, I had support AND motivation. I made the commitment, my word was out, I was IN!
As the effort progressed, the challenge somehow didn’t feel that challenging. Although when I saw someone with a Starbucks cup, or any coffee beverage, a smoothie, juice or pop, I did briefly get a “WHATEVA” attitude.  I made my challenge FUN and less monotonous by drinking different brands of pure and sometimes sparkling water.  My husband said, “Only you could make drinking plain water bougie” … He loves me! 🙂  Prior to the Challenge, I drank water any way, but not as much as the daily recommended intake. Other beverages of choice included Ginger Ale and my Starbucks Lattes, occasionally juice and tea, but for the most part I had gotten away from assorted sodas and other punch-like drinks.
The biggest challenge would be not having my lattes … I love Starbucks, the culture, the caffeine, the cup, the pastries, the baristas who know my drink before I ask … I was (may still be) a junkie. 🙂  I had contemplated and prayed for an intervention. Perhaps this was it, only time will tell.
I think I may have lost a few pounds by not having that hot, creamy, sweet, delicious triple Grande extra-hot Caramel Cinnamon Dolce Nonfat Latte (or Americano), with Whip, Caramel Drizzle and Cinnamon Powder drink every day, but the most notable benefit was ‘accomplishment’ … I DID IT!
Accomplishment builds self-esteem and self-confidence; it also builds motivation and inspiration.  Having accomplished this effort, I feel like I can do more for my health and wellness. I’m pushing myself a little more, taking baby steps, and making better choices. Thanks for the challenge Kristie Duffy of Faithfully Fit Group Fitness Center, www.faithfullyfitcenter.com.
Now I need a challenge of no bread, potatoes, or sweets … that would be a real mood-altering challenge, but I BELIEVE I could do it.
Not today though LOL!