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One of my FB friends and brother-in-Christ posted a note requesting input in his discussion on Parenting.  As I reflected on my experience as a parent of now three adult children, one granddaughter and one on the way … this is the comment I shared on his post:

As a young mother, I had an example and a goal to reach for in terms of my children. Everything we did for and with them was directed toward that goal … for them to be exemplary.

I agree with many other comments that TIME is critical, as …well as expectations and boundaries. Also, being the example you want them to be and then giving them ‘roots and wings’ to grow.

My children were required to participate in church, but were also permitted to participate in school and social activities, but not at the expense of church.

Expose your children to the best experiences possible … educational, cultural, social.

Always put family and them FIRST … ‘Ministry starts with your family … they don’t deserve the leftovers of your time and attention.

AFFIRM them! RESPECT them, even though they are children … they will learn how to respect others.

LOVE them, TEACH team, PRAY for and with them.

SACRIFICE for them … that’s what parents do. Guess what, real parents never stop parenting … you just do it on a different level.

Our baby is 28 now, our grandbaby is 5 and we have one on the way … we’re still parenting and loving every minute of it.