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Peter Drucker’s “Managing the Nonprofit Organization” was a required reading for a class I took credit-by-exam.  In the last chapter or part he writes about self-development. The importance of developing as a person, first, as an executive, and as a leader.

While he writes particularly to leaders and the subject of leadership, these  principles and practices may also be applied to personal development.

I want to share these highlights that spoke volumes to me …

* “You” are responsible for ‘your’ own self-development.  “You can only make ‘yourself’ effective — no one else.”

* The first priority is to strive for excellence. That’s a given.

* “Self-development means acquiring more capacity and also more weight as a person altogether.”  Develop whatever you do so that it is bigger than when you initially began to do it.

* With self-development comes self-renewal.


* Take a bigger view of yourself through accountability and responsibility. Not in the sense of vanity or pride, but as self-respect and self-confidence.  These, once gained, cannot be taken away from a person, they are outside and inside of me.

So, I encourage you to GROW, you’re the one responsible.