“I will bring him, that he may appear before the LORD, and there abide for ever.” ~ 1 Samuel 1:22

When a mother brings her child(ren) before God, it is a testament of faith that God is able and will keep that child. It is a testament of faith for that child to grow into his or her own faith and service to God.

All their lives, I have raised and instilled a spiritual heritage into my children that when they became of age they would naturally choose Christ, ministry and service to Him. While they each have walked their own path, they love God and honor Him with their lives … for that I am grateful.

When Brandon went to college, he made a determinant decision to live out his faith in God and he has never wavered. Providentially (my perspective), he was assigned to minister for Youth Sunday which was the same as Founder’s Day, a day designated to remember the pastoral legacy of his uncle. He preached/taught “There Is No Way Out” … (Stay With God).

These are my nuggets (quotes) from that message.

Your obedience to God’s command will keep you aligned with His dreams for your greatness. If you don’t obey God’s command, your capacity for greatness will be hijacked by the devil and the devil will cause you to destroy yourself, your family, your community, and everything around you that was assigned to your dominion.

God’s dream is more powerful thanthe devil’s plot against you and God loves you more than satan hates you! It is time for you to stop listening to the lie and start trusting in your Lord. It is time for you to BELIEVE in a God that exceeds your capacity to create Him. Faith in God will set you free. Not your capacity to teach God who He is; Faith to believe who God says He is!

{God’s says) Don’t be afraid of anything, but Me. There is no God beside Me. No one can take your life from God.

God is calling us to TRUST HIM more than we fear death.

Even though we were going to die, God had already dreamed us REDEEMED.

Do not live to hold on to your life. Live to capture His dream.

Some people have to die (be martyred; endure sickness) for the dream.

We are not defeated by death.

From David’s Psalm 56 …This I know … God is for me!

I will not be afraid what man can/will do unto me … Thou vows are upon me …

I will not desert my God even when I am afraid.

*I will not run from the dream of God that rests upon me.*

But I will take refuge in my Savior and I will not walk away from the King of Zion and from the Creator of the dream of Israel …

*I will not walk away from the congregation of the righteous to take confederacy with them who serve vanities.*

“If I perish, I perish!” — I will trust God and not fear.

That is the spirit God needs from you, young people.

“There Is No Way Out” … (Stay With God)

(One of Pastor Lipford’s last messages to Zion was “Stay the Course” … He (Jesus) Is The One, 1.1.2004)